We Made a Movie

We made a movie to support Dartmoor Tweed’s Go Fund Me Campaign. If you’d like to support the campaign you can by clicking here. You can also find out why its important by watching our movie.  Oscar winning it isn’t but it gets the message across. This project is amazing. It gives new value to […]

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The Shop is Open!!

We currently have a huge Go Fund Me campaign on the go. If you’ve missed it – it’s here. The link we keep posting keeps warping (forgive the pun!) and you may not end up at your destination. If you don’t – please try again. It’s quite a long read, but we thought if you […]

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Help us go to Warp Speed.

Two really exciting things have happened to us at Dartmoor Tweed this week. The first is we got the go ahead to turn our looms storage space into a weaving shed where we can put all we want to do into development. The second is we got offered a Warping Mill and not just any […]

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Big Changes!

We have a new studio space! In North Tawton in West Devon. For anyone who isn’t so hot on Devon geography North Tawton isn’t on Dartmoor. North Tawton is actually the geographical centre of Devon. It sits at the end of the long shadows of the northern ridge of Dartmoor – a town of 1500 […]

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Journey to a Loom : part 3

After some lovely emails from Cumbria we know a bit more about our loom. So here’s some technical spec for you to ponder over your morning coffee. “The loom is a 1936 example, in generally good condition for its age. Technically it is a ’10/4′ (90-inch reedspace) 4×4-box whip-pick loom, with 24-jack dobby. It has […]

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The Journey to a Loom

So it began with a post from the London Cloth Company on eBay that they were off loading one of their Dob Cross Looms. A bit out of our budget. Then a Hattersley Light came to light in Bradford but at £6k that too was shooting for the sky. As our hearts grew sad at […]

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